F-W 2013-2014 for kids

Dont forget that I'm fashion-blogger, and I think one of its main objectives to talk about fashion. We often talk about trends in clothing for adults, but there is also a children's fashion. And if I am a children's fashion blogger, I just have to pay attention to this subject. So from now on children's fashion - my regular column.
Today I will talk about the major trend of children's fashion fall-winter 2013-2014. 

It's no secret that children's fashion copies adult fashion. The trends of the adult collections flow in children as well as children copy the actions of adults. As in the adult collection fw 2012-2013, designers are offering to focus on artificial furs. This applies to fur hats, fur coats, collars, fur trim for shoes. 

Knitwear, knitted items - fashionable this season. So stock up with all sorts of sweaters, cardigans, blouses. At the height of fashion voluminous knitted items: braids, diamonds, stripes.
Children's fashion denim returns to a bright shiny ornaments, ribbons, rhinestones, fringe. In fashion tunics and jumpsuits with narrowed trousers. 

Children's fashion offers color accents. Designers give preference to natural colors: gray, brown, steel, black and white. But must be present and bright accents, especially red, orange, pink, purple. 

Kids Fashion Fall-Winter 2013-2014 focuses on a mixture of different Wieman prints in a single image. This trend looks interesting and fun for the kids. Actual mix design strips and peas. The main thing - do not be afraid to experiment. 

In children's hats are no restrictions. Designers offer any styles and materials, applications and figures.
When worn baby in autumn-winter 2012-2013 are not limited to one color palette - it was already in the previous seasons. Now take a basis for a bright item of clothing and build a set concerning him - using contrasting colors. 

Clothes for boys, at first glance, is not that interesting and varied. But I believe that the game is more interesting when the rules more complicated. In the autumn-winter 2012-2013 for boys designers offer a v-neck, velvet jackets, jeans grunge style, spikes, lace, chains, fringe. And, of course, the military is always current trend in the locker room for the boys...

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